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General International Conferences of the Balkan Physical Union

The BPU Conferences are a series of triennial general physics conference organized under the auspices of the Balkan Physical Union (BPU). They have been holding since 1991. The BPU conferences which are supposed to cover the most important results and trends of physics are usually attended by about 800 scientists, educators and engineers involved in research, education and applications of physics.

The Conferences are open to all scientists from the Balkan countries working in physics and related areas. Participants from outside the Balkans are also welcome. Participation of young physicists and students is highly appreciated.

BPU-6 Link
Istanbul, Turkey (August 22-26, 2006)

BPU 5 Link
Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia and Montenegro (August 25-29,2003)

BPU 4 Link
Veliko Trnovo, Bulgaria (August 22–27, 2000)

Cluj-Napoca, Romania (September 2-5, 1997)

Izmir, Turkey (September 12-14, 1994)

Thessaloniki, Greece (1991)


International Student Conferences of the Balkan Physical Union

The conference is open to all physics undergraduate and graduate students from all the European and Balkan countries. The aim of the conference is to create a friendly and scientific atmosphere between the students. Lectures are given, by the known physicists from Balkanian countries, from a basic level to make the recent developments more familiar to all students. The oral and poster presentations of the students are generally from known or popular physics subjects. The aim of the oral and poster presentation is to encourage the students do research and practise on giving presentations.

Bodrum, Turkey (29 August - 1 September, 2006)

Cluj-Napoca, Romania (1997)

Bansko,  Bulgaria (1996)

Izmir,  Turkey (1994)

Prof. Dr. ALEXANDER G. PETROV has been elected as President of the Balkan Physical Union at the president election made in Istanbul-Turkey, August 2015.

Prof. Dr.Sci. Alexander Petrov is a Fellow of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Honorary Member of the Institute of Solid State Physics at BAS and President of the Union of Physicists in Bulgaria ... read more


  • 17th Pan-Hellenic Conference of Hellenic Physical Society, 15-18.03.2018, Thessaloniki, Greece

  • EPO5, 5th Experimental Physics Olympiad, 08-10 December 2017 Sofia
    The Olympiad is open for students from the whole world.
    Arriving 08.12, Departure 10.12.2017
    09 December: 4 hour competition for 4 age groups.
    For questions ask

  • CERN and SEENET-MTP Network have signed The Cooperation Agreement

  • The SEENET-MTP Network activities
  • The CERN – SEENET-MTP PhD Training Program for Students from Balkan
  • 9th International Physics Conference of the Balkan Physical Union, 24-27 August 2015, Turkey
  • Balkan Workshop BW2013
  • Workshop on Development of New Radiotracers for PET Imaging and Targeted Radiotherapy
  • ISCBPU-10, The Tenth International Student Conference
  • Turkish Physical Society 30th International Physics Conference
  • Turkish Physical Society 9th International Summer School on Particle Accelerators and Detectors
  • Turkish Physical Society 5th National Conference on Particle Accelerators and Its Applications
  • ISCBPU-6, The Sixth International Student Conference
  • Second International Physics Physics Project Competition for University Students
  • 2nd Balkaniad for the Enviroment
  • BPL

    Balkan Physics Letters

    Balkan Physics Letters is published under scientific responsibility and the auspices of the Balkan Physical Union in Turkey with the support of the Bogazici University. You can see latest issues of BPL from the web page below:
    Click here


    BPU-10, 10th International Physics Conference of the Balkan Physical Union

    The 10th International Physics Conference of the Balkan Physical Union (BPU-10) will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, 26 – 30 August 2018.