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Members of the BPU Council 2012-2015

1. Prof. Antoneta Deda
University of Tirana
Bulevardi fogu I, Tirana, Albania
Tel/Fax: +355(4) 235514
Mob.: +355 682424580
E-mail: antonetad at yahoo dot com

2. Prof. Pellumb Berberi
Polytechnic University of Tirana
Shejhi “Nene Tereza” No. 4
Tel/Fax: +355(4) 223799
E-mail: pellumb.berberi at physics dot org dot al
pberberi at yahoo dot com

3. Prof. Polikron Dhoqina

4. Prof. Ivan Lalov
St. Kliment Ohridsky Sofia University
1164 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359(2) 8687267
e-mail: upb at phys dot uni-sofia dot bg

5. Prof. Nicolai Tonchev
Inst. Of Solid State Physics
Tzarigradsko Shausee blvd. 72
1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359(2) 7144276
e-mail: tonchev at issp dot bas dot bg

6. Prof. Aleksandar Petrov
Institute Of Solid State Physics
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Tzarigradsko Shausee 72
1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359(2) 8758061
e-mail: director at issp dot bas dot bg


7. Prof. Stojan Manolev



8. Prof. Predrag Miranovic
Department of Physics, University of Montenegro
81000 Potgorica, CETINJSKI Put B.B., MONTENEGRO
Tel: +38181 245309
Fax: +38181 244608
Mobile: +38169 814168
e-mail: pedjam at cg dot ac dot yu

9. Prof. Natasa Raicevic
10. Prof. Ivana Picurlic

11. Prof. Victor Ciupina
Rector , “Ovidius University of Constanta”
Tel: +40241618372
Fax: +40241618372
Mobile: +40723270704
e-mail: vciupina at univ-ovidius dot ro

12. Prof. Nikolae Zamfir
13. Prof. Emil Burzo

14. Prof. Goran Djordjevic
15. Prof. Milica Pavkov-Hrvojevic
16. MSc Dragoljub Dimitrijevic

17. Prof. Metin Arik
Bogazici University
Physics Department
Bebek, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +902123596615
Fax: +902122872466
Mobile: +905324128499
e-mail : metin dot arik at boun dot edu dot tr

18. Prof. Baki Akkus
Istambul University
Science Faculty
Physics Department
Vezneciler, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90212 455 5835
Fax: +90 212 5190834
e-mail: akkus at istanbul dot edu dot tr

19. Ass. Prof. Yesin Oktem
sgyks at istanbul edu dot tr
Istanbul University
Physics Department
Ýstanbul Üniversitesi Fen Fakültesi 34134
Vezneciler, Fatih , Istanbul , Turkey
Tel: +90 212 455 5700
Fax: +90 212 519 0834

Prof. Dr. ALEXANDER G. PETROV has been elected as President of the Balkan Physical Union at the president election made in Istanbul-Turkey, August 2015.

Prof. Dr.Sci. Alexander Petrov is a Fellow of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Honorary Member of the Institute of Solid State Physics at BAS and President of the Union of Physicists in Bulgaria ... read more


  • 17th Pan-Hellenic Conference of Hellenic Physical Society, 15-18.03.2018, Thessaloniki, Greece

  • EPO5, 5th Experimental Physics Olympiad, 08-10 December 2017 Sofia
    The Olympiad is open for students from the whole world.
    Arriving 08.12, Departure 10.12.2017
    09 December: 4 hour competition for 4 age groups.
    For questions ask

  • CERN and SEENET-MTP Network have signed The Cooperation Agreement

  • The SEENET-MTP Network activities
  • The CERN – SEENET-MTP PhD Training Program for Students from Balkan
  • 9th International Physics Conference of the Balkan Physical Union, 24-27 August 2015, Turkey
  • Balkan Workshop BW2013
  • Workshop on Development of New Radiotracers for PET Imaging and Targeted Radiotherapy
  • ISCBPU-10, The Tenth International Student Conference
  • Turkish Physical Society 30th International Physics Conference
  • Turkish Physical Society 9th International Summer School on Particle Accelerators and Detectors
  • Turkish Physical Society 5th National Conference on Particle Accelerators and Its Applications
  • ISCBPU-6, The Sixth International Student Conference
  • Second International Physics Physics Project Competition for University Students
  • 2nd Balkaniad for the Enviroment
  • BPL

    Balkan Physics Letters

    Balkan Physics Letters is published under scientific responsibility and the auspices of the Balkan Physical Union in Turkey with the support of the Bogazici University. You can see latest issues of BPL from the web page below:
    Click here


    BPU-10, 10th International Physics Conference of the Balkan Physical Union

    The 10th International Physics Conference of the Balkan Physical Union (BPU-10) will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, 26 – 30 August 2018.